Thursday, June 9, 2011

Juneathon Day 9 - What the Hail

Today was a scorcher.

I did my best to handle it with grace.

First, I skipped my 2 hour workout in the AM (yep that's an official theme) and cuddled up with the kiddos for an extra few hours of sleep. 3 extra hours.

Then off to HoneyBunny's field trip after making a laundry list of post-FT promises to poor little Goodles. They have been fulfilled. I have the Chuck E Cheese receipt and two little junk toy prizes as proof (it's still "more fun than Disney").

Field trip was at a farm. 95 degrees in the shade. Heat index of, well, it was stupid humid, so something like 100 degrees.
At one "station," we spent about 20 minutes catching tadpoles. That was great.
The heat was fabulous. My t-shirt was soaked by lunchtime.

This, however, is relevant because the afternoon would be host to my daily run.
Baking outside for what ended up being just over 4 hours would be a good artificial dose of adversity.
Training under adversity prepares you for those unpredictable race days.

Returned home and loved every ounce of air conditioning I could inhale.

Then, prepared for my run. Unfortunately, Juneathoning means you're likely going to have to run after eating dinner. I was not in the mood today.
Skipped dinner and hit the road for a solid 4 miles.

Despite the heat. Despite the dehydration from the day's earlier activities. I kept the pace.
It was uncomfortable and I arrived home just as I polished off the last drop of water from my handheld.

As my legs were cramping before I even started to run, I took the time to rehydrate, refuel with some Chicken Alfredo, and Stick my legs. I feel good now.

Ooops. Almost skipped the hail.

When I got home from the run, storm clouds were brewing.

The rest of the family was out on the deck making chalk.
I joined them so that I could continue sweating, outdoors.

As I observed the approaching thunderstorm, they started cleaning up.
I walked out in front of the house to encourage my car window to go all the way up before the downpour.

Winds really picked up. Felt like 50MPH.
I stayed outside, enjoying the debris flying into my eyes.

My neighbor walked out.

Me: "Dude this is great. Can't stop sweating? Insert tornado. Problem solved."
Him: "Yeah it is pretty windy."
Me: "Know what would be great? Hail."
Him: "Uh, yeah cuz we have garages."

We both, ashamed and in fear, look on at our ungaraged cars.

A few drops of rain.
Heavy rain.


And so. On the hottest day of the year, I quickly found myself standing barefoot on a bed of ice.

We have samples in the freezer (blurry pic courtesy of freezer fog).

That was the first time I could remember that we had gotten hail in years.

I made sure the kids collected a bunch of it.
I wouldn't be surprised if they ate some of it.

And so, as we wrap up Day 9 of Juneathon, I can't help but be reminded of the cold icy days of Janathon.
On to Day 10.


Erin Conley said...

Hail? That's nothing! I ran in plenty of that on a semi-regular basis during Janathon. And to be truthful, I'd rather tons of driving, cold hail to anything like the humid, sticky, dead air, almost 90 degrees type of weather my area had today. Yuck.

Congrats for surviving Chuck E. Cheese. I've taken my three nieces there on a few occasions, and I firmly believe there should be a special place in heaven (or at the very least, purgatory) for those of us who have taken children there and lived to tell about it. It should also get you out of at least ONE day of Juneathon, in my humble, unprofessional, and non-European opinion.

Anyway, nice job with the temps today. Here's to Juneathon, Day 9!

Anonymous said...

We are getting the same hellacious storms. Crazy wind, lightning, hail (our hail was last week, tho not as big as yours from the photo), tornado warnings... a really weird-weather summer thus far. My chosen timeslots for runs keep getting bumped, for fear of getting hit by lightning.

The heat! My God. Can't believe I'm saying this, but I miss winter runs.

Anonymous said...

I need to check - is the photo of the ice cubes or the hail? Because if it's the hail then you are a superhero.

Lindsay said...

what? we get hail all the time down here - ping pong or smaller most of the time. roofing companies do well.