Monday, June 6, 2011

Juneathon Day 6 - Lunar Pedestrians

I'm not trying to be a music review blog.
You can visit Katie Darby for all of your musical recommendations.

I do however need to mention this band before they slip my attention:
Walk the Moon

Saw them as the opening act for the Weezer show about a week ago.
Here they are playing I Can Lift a Car.

They were a little different.
Face paint.
Lead singer playing a drum and the synthesizer.
Spending alot of time in the high range vocals.

A few days later, I checked out their album, i want! i want!

It is a very pretty album with splashes of energy.

If you need some new tunes, get their album.
I've been pretty lucky finding good music through unknown opening acts.
See also: The Alternate Routes

Enough stalling.

Juneathon Day 6 brought a failed morning workout.
Intended to run/swim. But slept.

Welcome to Tiredathon.

Redemption in the evening.
Finally got to go fishing for minnows with the kids at Marsh Creek State Park.
We caught A minnow only to have an Of Mice and Men fate befall it. Sorry little guy.

Home, then hit the bike for 8 miles.
8 miles of speedwork, cornering and attacking shallow hills.

Shallow hills should be approached with the intent of maintaining your pace.
Versus big hills where you're gonna slow down.

Burnt up my quads during the brief workout, but it will pay off.

Then hit a 3-mile brick run.

Now, normally the transition from bike to run should take 2 minutes.

Tonight it took 8 minutes.
Normal time to put bike away, change into sneakers, and in this case grab the reflective vest.

But tonight, I was also absorbed by Lupe Fiasco on some awards show.
HoneyBunny and I had to sing along with two of his songs, Out of My Head and The Show Goes On, before I could exit.

The bricked run went well, hovering at 8min/mi pace.

Tomorrow is normally a 2-a-day run, but I might need to make up the swim instead.
Excitement abounds.

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