Friday, June 10, 2011

Juneathon Day 10 - Biking for the Hill of It

Settling down a bit later than expected today.

In the spirit of Juneathon, I figure that whenever I get stuck posting late at night, I'll share one of the kids lullabies, which at this point was sung quite a while ago.

I discovered Jason Mraz a few years ago during a weekend bachelor's party trip to Vegas.
One of the guys had a bootleg and I've listened to it hundreds of times since then. Still one of my favorites.

Tonight's lullaby was not 100% effective. We have an exciting day ahead of us tomorrow, so there was a flurry of questions, continuing even as I shut the kids' door.

My Juneathon effort had an early and late start.

Swam to start the morning. Felt great. Multiple strokes and kickboard. Shared a lane, so no backstroke to prevent injury to others.

After a fun afternoon of following the kids' every command, I got out the door on the bike at about 7:45PM.
Planned a hill workout similar to last Friday but added another one of my favorite hills.

Temperatures were much cooler than yesterday.
Ended up with 12 miles and handled the hills well.

The last big hill was easy to tackle because I was chasing a girl on a bike wearing a big polar bear winter hat in lieu of a helmet.
I will not be outdone on a hill by a polar bear, myself having been mistaken for one several times.

To show my Juneathoniness, I have been bricking all of my bike rides.
Got home, parked the bike, changed shoes and shirt, try to steal out the door.

Boom. 30 minutes of catching fireflies. Only 1 casualty. Said the word, "bioluminescence" 3 times.

After that, the kids got ready for bed, so I managed a 1.5 mile run in the dark.
Wore my reflective vest but no headlamp. It was pretty bright tonight.

Startled a few girls walking through the neighborhood, probably for a graduation party.
Startled yes, but I heard one of the girls say, "I want to start running" which = startled + inspired. Good.

Home and well. Here we are.
Lullaby done. Family asleep.

Me soon to join them because the alarm rings soon for tomorrow's workout.


Anne said...

That's a loaded workout day! You're rocking this Junathon Mike!

Anonymous said...

Here's a song for ya on bioluminescence (great word)!
Try it on the kiddos for goodnight & lemme know if they are stunned by your sudden turn in musical taste, HA! If you can sing rap to tempo, you can surely nail this one, yes? It's got clever lyrics, you must admit :-)

Impressed by the swimming. Glad I'm not the only one who can barely squeeze a mile or two run some days.