Thursday, June 2, 2011

Juneathon Day 2 - Memorial Day Marathon Recap

Screwed up the running bit today. Was supposed to get in 7 miles to start the morning.

Woke up an hour late and wisely decided to skip the run and instead take my time getting ready for work.
Took our "spare" car to work today. It's probably a good idea to wash your car periodically.
The pollen and other debris was THICK on the windshield.

This evening, lucky me, tossed a Juneathon run into my lap. Thanks!
I had a chance to run for about 30 minutes before picking up HoneyBunny from her friend's house.

3 miles with a strong negatively split 2nd half of the run.
Temperatures were so much cooler, made the run a breeze.

The big positive which is noted in the title is that I've now had two good runs following the Memorial Day Marathon.

You didn't see that one on


I made it up.

Wait. First.
What's Memorial Day?

Here in the U.S. of A. it is a national holiday where we honor fallen soldiers.
In my hometown, we have a parade.

And a ceremony under the big half staff flag.

With a day off from work and my kids and wife in the parade at 10AM, I decided it would be a nice day to sneak in a 7 hour training run: The Memorial Day Marathon

Here's how it went.

2:30AM - Wake
2:40AM - Lying in bed. Why am I so tired?

Oh, flash back a few days.
Weezer concert - Memories Tour.

Wonder if I spoiled my little brother.
First concert. Front row.
Next concert if you're not in the front row. It'll suck. Trust me.

We got home from the show around 3AM. Tired!


2:41AM - Wake up. Dress in reflective gear. Apply sunblock. Drink 1st can of Ensure (Bobo brand). Put on headlamp. Engage firefly reflectors.
3:15AM - Hit the road.

Now, I had a similar training run during the Cinco de Mayo Run2Philly.
But, my what a difference 20 or 30 degrees makes!

When I hit the road at 1:45AM for the Run2Philly, it was about 45 degrees out. Heaven.
Fast forward to Memorial Day, it's like 70 degrees out to start. Tough transition.

First part of the run is an out-and-back to a local Wawa convenience store.
Hit the Wawa about 70 minutes into my run.

I was there for the potty and to refill.
I was sweating like there was no tomorrow.  Spent a few minutes paper-toweling off so I didn't look like a total freak at the cash register.
Bought 2 bottles of Propel for $2.22 (which was the sale price that expired at midnight, but you know us crazy, thrifty runners, rolling up at 3AM looking for a deal, and they hadn't take down the sale sign).

My handheld bottle was still nearly full of Gatorade. I topped it off.
Wearing my wife's CamelBak hydration pack, I filled it up and then just carried the bottle of Propel.

I relied heavily on the CamelBak for this run.
My teeth had been hurting lately (I'll explain that later) so I needed to minimize sugar.
I kept just water and this sugar-free Propel in the CamelBak. Preserved my poor teeth.

And then ran from Wawa back home.
Took walk breaks when needed.

This was a 7-hour training run with no set mileage.
Just needed time on feet, heat acclimation, and the mental challenge.

Changed socks and shorts, which were soaked with sweat.
Put 3rd patch on a blister under my right-foot's big toe.
Refilled handheld and CamelBak.
Drank another Ensure.

Hit the road.
This time, with the sun rising, headed to our local trail.

Arrived at the local trail at 8AM - 5 hours and 19.36 miles into the run.
Yeah that's a slow pace. I wanted to average 12 minute miles. Including the stops, it was closer to 15min/mi.
But that's OK.
Excluding the stops, it was 12:27min/mi pace. Pretty good with abundant walk breaks!

The walk breaks' 2 main purposes:
  • A little rest
  • Helping your legs learn how to start running again, after walking
Because this training run is in prep for the 20in24. And at least for my body, I can't run for 24 hours straight. There'll be walking!

OK, so 8AM at the local trail with 2 hours until the parade.

Run a 5 mile out-and-back.
Pass a little old lady. And say Good Morning.
Her: "Did you run down the highway to get here?"
Me: "Yes. Twice."
Her: "I drove by you!"
Me: "I hope it was the second time."

I end up passing her two more times on the trail. All smiles :-)

After that 5 miler, I was at 24.37mi with about 30 minutes to go.
Drink my final Ensure.

Ran a 2 mile out and back, ending just before 10AM.
And as I remind all of those people with a Bumper Sticker.
That's a marathon! 26.3 miles.

Hit up another Wawa, get a huge cup of soda, a liter of water, and a breakfast sandwich.
Inhale sandwich.

Find a nice sunny spot along the parade route and start clapping.
My wife and kids walk up a few minutes later all decked out patriotically.

I had intended to have my wife bring a change of clothes to the parade.
But I didn't communicate that very well. I just left my stuff in front of the door.
And there it would remain!

Watch the rest of the parade, attend the ceremony and then go home.

I felt fine the rest of the day.
A little tired. Two busted toes.
Feet cramping while we were swimming later.

But, plenty of hydration and food the rest of the day did the trick.

This marathon might become a nice little annual tradition.
Feel free to add it to your Memorial Day schedule, too!


ihaverun said...

Did I miss why your teeth hurt?

You amaze me. I'm not sure I ever want to run for seven hours. And just thinking about getting up that early makes me tired. You. Rock.

Have you always used Ensure before and during your longer runs? I am trying to figure out what to eat/drink before my morning runs (since I usually run in the evening), so let me know what you think...

Anonymous said...

I definitely don't wanna run for 7 hours. I don't want to do anything for 7 hours. Glad you had fun, tho... minus the busted toes, I presume?