Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Juneathon Day 7 - The Curse of Juneathon

Know why Juneathon is harder than Janathon?

Besides this sick heat, which will be 100+ here tomorrow including the heat index. Besides the heat, you're like, busy during June.
And while for the average person (present company excluded) these warm temperatures are much more approachable than running in a frozen tundra, when it comes to the blogging part, you're too damn busy doing warm weather stuff.
Or maybe it's just me.

That's why my training log looks terrible for the AM every day this month.
Up too late blogging = not waking up for the AM workout.
Again today.

Hold on.
First. If you have a minute, stop by Lindsay's blog and send her some love.
She is a fun runner/blogger who does mad MSPAINT artwork.
Her most recent post was from a hospital bed. A situation I can relate to very well. It's nice to have support.

Back to Juneathon.

2.5 mile run this evening under the moon and stars.
Was only gonna do 2 miles even but I just love that last half mile of road at night.

This is shaping up to be another "step-back" week with running mileage.
Not what I wanted yet the benefit is that my legs love me, and I'm finding speed out there on the road.

But, lack of sleep is just one half of the Curse of Juneathon.

Because the other half of the Curse is for those Not Doing Juneathon.

And I'm not necessarily talking about You.
Hell for all I know you Are doing Juneathon.

Well, this morning, I identified one person who definitely should be doing Juneathon:
Rep. Anthony Weiner

The first thing I see this morning when I wake up like 3 hours late is a headline that this schlep admitted he seriously was sending lewd photos of himself to women.
What a jackass.

He denied it.
Said he was the victim of Twitter hackers.

I mean, he even convinced me to read this long article.
And I really felt the guy was set up.

Of course, once my heart is committed to the matter, guy does a 180 and confesses.

Then, we're all laughing at him.

Clearly, this guy needed Juneathon.
Juneathon keeps you out of trouble.
It consumes so much of your time, all that is left is a few pathetic hours of sleep.

You're not gonna sit around snapping pics of your skivvies.
You don't have time.
You should be Out running.
You should be In blogging.

Save your job.
Save your marriage.
Save yourself. From the Curse of Juneathon.

Wrapping up, I had a musical collision on the way home.
Finished listening to the Wax mixtape.
Listened to a few Drake songs.

Then, wanted to pop in the good old Offspring Smash CD.
Eject Drake, and what is playing on the Radio? Offspring.
Confusion ensues. Continue inserting CD? Listen to radio?

Once that was cleared up, I listened to a few Offspring songs.

But, then I wanted an extra drop of happiness.

Which brought me back to Rep. Anthony Weiner.
Because I popped in Kanye and got that happiness drop.

But, then a few songs later, I heard a very fitting song for our congressional friend.

Curse of Juneathon requires that he resign, if that weren't obvious.

One week down, let's do Juneathon Week 2.


ihaverun said...

Since I'm not doing Juneathon, I'll try to resist the temptation to take pics of my skivvies.

And I'm so sorry about the warm temps. Give me snow any day. I'm still trying to figure out how we are going to make a trip to Arizona this summer while I am marathon training. I can hardly handle running on my treadmill when it's warmer than 72 degrees outside and I can't open the window to cool down the room.

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the shoutout. The caring and support from the blogosphere really means a lot! Didn't get any definitive answers from the ER but did at least rule out imminent death so that was good. It didn't help that I didn't have an episode while on the EKG. Now for further appoitments and testing with a cardio...

I am curious about this contagious disease amongst politicians... Too many sex scandals.

Anonymous said...

This post is hysterical and reminds me how much I missed reading your blog. Seriously. Cause I think you know I wouldn't lie.