Monday, June 27, 2011

Juneathon Day 27 - Who Swims? Who Bikes?

Who Hoots?

The kids and I loved reading that book.
It's the type of baby book I can slip in every now and then because we like to entertain independent reading.

This is one of my favorite training times of the year.
But, I'll fess up. (I'm also not sure that "fess" is a word.)
No, I confess that I have so many favorite days and times of year that the whole concept is diluted.

So the current favorite of the day of the week of the year:
No more triathlon training.
Just ultramarathon training.

What a relief.
Burden off my shoulders.

And what Juneathoner wouldn't enjoy this?

One of my guardian angels asked me to sleep more.
Here you have it.

I'm trying to average 8 hours of sleep per day, at least for a straight week.
And if that means I have to take a nap, that's a sacrifice I'm willing to commit.

So, how was Juneathon Day 27?

A hard 5 miler effort on tired legs of a tired body with a tired mind.
But, I pushed through it, with all the effort I had.

Gotta go Stick my legs now, then off to bed.
Tomorrow is another Libertastic day in the life, so I should have some pretty pictures and an overdue race report.

For now, two fresh lullabies, proven successes by my two sleeping kids.

New Eminem Video

I do intend to raise well-adjusted kids.
They only get a few edited/polished lines from the song plus the chorus and they sure as hell aren't watching that video.

Tonight's other song is just chill.
I was reading KRS-One lyrics earlier and this song seemed fitting.

KRS-One is a rapper, his name means Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone.

Wow, 3 days of Juneathon left.
I'll have to figure out how to celebrate.

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