Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Juneathon Day 14 - Ensure Day

Our sleeping arrangement was modified last night which meant that the kids fell asleep in my spot in the bed.
I did not want to risk waking my angels by moving them into their own bedroom.
I curled up at the foot of the bed.

Woke at 2:15AM as planned to enjoy a 7 hour training run.
I was sleeping too close to the alarm clock.
Just reached out and killed it.

Normally I have to walk across the room to silence the alarm.
That's enough to wake you up.

Consequently, I fell back asleep until 4:30AM.


It is so hard to schedule long training runs.
With the day off of work, it was highly convenient.
I lose.

Fine. 4:30AM would still give me a fair amount of time on the road.
Except we had some planned computer system maintenance at work scheduled for 5:30AM.
Even if I had done the early run, I crafted my route to deliver me back home temporarily to babysit the maintenance.

I slept until 5:29AM.


Pop open computer.
Field engineer failed to show.

Out the door by 6AM with rewritten plan.

Run 4 miles to the gym.
Swim 1500m (Philly Tri swim distance).
Run 4 miles home.


Note: I do not like to swim after running.
Cramping being likely.

Good Juneathon-approved start to the day.
Ensure Day.


Since I squandered the first 4 hours of the day where I expected to be running, I decided to declare the day Ensure Day.
Ensure being a high calorie nutrition drink.

I want Ensure to fuel my 20in24. All 24 hours.
I need to see how my body responds.

Note: I am using the generic brand, 350 calorie vanilla flavored shakes.
Not the Real Thing.
Nevertheless. They are delicious.

Drank one at 6AM.
Drank one at 9AM.
Drank final one at Noon.

The fuel lasted me until 6PM when we ate dinner.
We went out to dinner and my wife requested that I consume solid food.

Where I should point out that I ran the 10K to dinner and met the family at the restaurant.

2-a-day workout. 14 miles running.

And I will talk about it in a future post.
2 weeks off of Coumadin. I feel great.
I have my old body back.

Hi Body, I've missed you the past year.

Yes I will probably go back on Coumadin next month.
Short Honeymoon.

Ensure gave me enough energy to last all of those workouts.
Plus the rest of the activities during the day.
My electrolytic fuel was Zero Calorie POWERADE.
Teeth approved.

At no point during the day did I feel hungry.
My stomach felt fine.

I am sold.
Gonna need a case of Ensure (or the equivalent) for the 20in24. At least 12 cans.

The last note is that I had to wear my old running shoes for the Run2Dinner.

My good running shoes were victims.
Of Kindergarten Water Day.

Of the dozen or so parents in attendance, I found myself the volunteer to keep filling the water buckets.
(What is that artifact on my head? Bald? Grey? Camera lens dirty?)

While Refiller seemed like a harmless job, the kids turned on me at various points.
45 minutes later, I was soaked head-to-running-shoe-to-toe. It was great.

The kids had fun and it was a beautiful day to be outside.

With Ensure Day in the books, now there is just the small matter of rescheduling my 7-hour run.

I know when it will be.
I'm not happy about it.

But as the Kindergarteners have taught me:
"You get what you get and you don't get upset."


ihaverun said...

At our house, it's: "You get what you get, you don't throw a fit." I think it fits perfectly for my girls. They don't get upset. They throw FITS!

Glad you are feeling like your old self, even if it's temporary =)

And as always, what a rockstar. Now I will be trying Ensure for sure.

PS - It's the camera.

Lindsay said...

yeah it's definitely the camera, no worries. although, you may be getting old if you're drinking ensure for meals. and a 7 hour run. i can't even begin to fathom that.

i hope if you do have to go back on the coumadin that it's not a forever thing. oh, and it hailed again today.

Anne said...

Yay for a meds break...must be so nice to get your body back! Such determination...a double and then a plan for a 7 hour run. Wow!