Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Juneathon Day 28 - Just a Filler Post

I know I know.
Today I was supposed to publish my Liberty Island race report.
Tomorrow. I promise.

Today was instead spent in Philly.
Beautiful day to be out.

I mean, if it helps, I am wearing the shirt we got at the swim.

So while I could have been typing up a nice long post, I was playing Dad all day.
Normal Dad things like comforting your son while urban wildlife look on.

We learned a lesson in that picture.
When you ask your kiddo, "Want to bring your sunglasses?" and he says, "No."
We learned that you should bring the sunglasses anyway.
Lest he be blinded by sun glare.

Did I Juneathon?

Did I have a choice?

Woke up, sprung out of bed for 2.5 strong miles.

On the unstrong side of things, I'm having a little bit of exercise-induced asthma. Or at least, restricted airway.
That hasn't happened since I first started seriously running back in 20 aught 4.

My IT Bands are also really sore from the Philly Tri.
I've been sticking them, but just barely keeping them in check.

So that's the deal.
Maybe I'll have a tad more time to bloggify tomorrow.
If not, I'll just produce the compressed report and go about life.
My dozen faithful blog readers probably don't care one way or another.

End the day with lullabies.
After citying all day, the kids were exhausted, so bedtime was succinct.

Classic Tuesday night song

To which Goodles replied with his final sleepy thoughts, "Why do you always sing the same songs?"
Because you kids don't seem to respond well to new lullabies.

But to answer his question as desired.

2 more days of Juneathoning.
We can do it.


Lindsay said...

Hey I am interested in the swim, it's nothing I will ever do so I'll get to live through your race report instead.

Tell goodles that it could be worse - you could sing Mockingbird ...

Anonymous said...

I'm also interested in the Liberty Swim report, but I know you'll give it up eventually. That pre-swim video is holding me over.

If you won't sing the Mills Brothers' Glowworm at bedtime (great lyrics for kids!), then how about Mills Bros. w/Louis Armstrong in 1938? http://tinyurl.com/432k74p

I love this one! I even do the trumpet solo (lip trumpet, since I got no horn). C'mon! DO. IT. Poor Goodles just wants you to reach back a little further for some good alternative tunes ;-)

Good job on the early 2 & half miler. Sorry about the asthma, tho. I have breathing issues myself currently (tree pollen allergies). Big bummer.

Moose sculpture in the city. Love it, love it.