Sunday, June 12, 2011

Juneathon Day 12 - Beige

Another day full of triumph and tragedy.
All in the name of conquering Juneathon.

No. Not really.
It was boring.
Or "beige" as we refer to it in our house.
Thanks to the Imagination Movers.

Who don't have many songs on YouTube.

That's not my kid.

For the second Sunday in a row, I forewent my long run in favor of sleep.
Sweet, delicious sleep.

Once again, that was a great decision.
Felt like a million bucks all day.

A little late getting home from dinner.
I hopped out for 2 quick miles on the road under a nearly full moon.

And now I need to go to bed.

I have a long run planned for this week.
As of now, it is my last 4+ hour training run scheduled with less than 5 weeks until the 20in24.

Also on the schedule. A nap.

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