Monday, January 23, 2012

ZipFizz Onomatopoeiatic Giveaway and Review

Got an email from Ashley of ZipFizz to review their energy drink mix.

Which is to say, you snap! Remove the cover of a little tube.
Then, tilt and pour into a bottle of water.

You guessed it.

Since I misplaced my thrilling pics/video of the experience, I give you this reenactment:
And no, despite the illustration, you do not need a degree in chemistry.

Perhaps you've seen this type of product before?
I had.

I almost bought a similar product.
Which depends on your definition of "bought."

Because I selected a similar product at the local running store.
Paid for it.
Left it on the counter by accident.
And never returned.

Which made it all the better to receive a sampler pack of this tasty energy-packed product.
And guess what?
You can get one, too. For free!
Just keep reading.

OK, so I consumed a sampler pack of flavors such as:
Grape! Berry! Pink Lemonade.
And other flavors you can find right there on the ZipFizz website.

But first.
First I had to try the LIMITED EDITION Orange Cream flavor.

Drank it during a 7ish mile run to start my Saturday.
It was happiness in my mouth.
Fizzible, yet smooth.

That same day, I really put ZipFizz to the test.
Following that empty stomach run in the morning, I decided not to eat prior to a 1-mile afternoon race in town.

I gulp! Drank the berry flavor during the race.
The tube conveniently fit into my handheld bottle's zipper compartment.

And zoom! I PR'd the race!

OK, that was my first timed mile.

Still. You can't argue with those results!

In fact, a few days later, I drank some ZipFizz while swimming laps before work.
And while I didn't notice any additional Zip in the pool, I felt great when I got to work.
Alert and happy. Alerter and happier than usual anyway.

What does this have to do with you?
Well, if you want to try out an all natural energy drink, which includes natural caffeine, ZipFizz will hook up 2 lucky giveaway winners.
Two simple rules to win.

Like ZipFizz on Facebook.
And leave a comment here.

I'll pick 2 random winners on 1/30/2012.

It's that simple.

What's that?
How much B12 does this product contain?

Well, 2500 micrograms per serving.
Exactly, we're talking bam! 41,667% the recommended daily value.
A boost of energy. And it can probably treat a minor case of cyanide poisoning.

Thank you to ZipFizz for the delightful product review opportunity and for rewarding two loyal readers with their own free sample pack.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Janathon Cheerleader

Janathon came at a bad time for me this year.

Not sure how I can make that statement after participating last year despite a 10 day trip to Disney World.

I was hoping to join Erin and Hennie this year.
Lindsay even sent me a very nice reminder email.

I can't.

Just happens that I'm extra-focused on a few things around the house.
Staying on top of home videos and photos
Finally organizing our receipts (which is horrible)
Helping my son Goodles learn woodworking
Oh and prepare for Kindergarten (which should have been listed first)
Helping my daughter HoneyBunny take initiative with Math
And that list continues

So I can't rationalize the extra minutes for daily blogging.
Or squeezing in the daily running.
Not this month.

Which leaves me cheerleading.
Happy New Year and Good Luck!