Saturday, June 11, 2011

Juneathon Day 11 - Biking to Stay Relevant

Busy little day.

Started early by crushing one of my beautiful kids. Twice.

Roll out of bed.
Crush a kid's leg. Goodles.
My bad.

Bathroom and then back to bed.
Alarm again.
Roll out of bed.
Crush a kid's head. Goodles.
Ooops. Forgot.

Poor kid slept on my floor and I could not stop stepping on him.

My bike downstairs was ready to go, water bottles topped off.
Hit the road.

Had to stop for geese.

Was surprised that there were two families of geese. One that still had small goslings.
Was reminded of the field trip a few days ago when baby geese charged our group and the classroom moms freaked.

Continued to Marsh Creek State Park.

Enter the thunderstorm.

Not very well pictured there, but trust me.
I wanted to quit the ride.
The rain was pelting my face. When the bike hit over 20MPH it was so difficult to keep my eyes open.

Continued on.
This was a long, slow ride effort.

Biked past the world's crappiest orchard.

This is a relatively new addition to the area.
The trees caught my eye at first because they seemed out of place.
Seeing them about to fall over did not help.

Biked to the local trail, then back home.
Good effort but tired legs from yesterday's workouts.

Home to hit the brick run.
Changed shirt and shoes.

Kids had just woke up.

Goodles: "Dad are you going for a run now?"
Me: "Yes, 5 miles"
G: "Only 1 mile"
Me: "Dude I need the 5 miles"
G: "Only 2 miles"
Me: "If I don't get in the right workout, I won't have a good race"
HoneyBunny: "He might not get a medal"
G: "You already have a medal"
Me: (Damn)
Me: "Let's compromise. 3 miles."
G: "Fine, Dad. 3 miles"

Hit the brick.
I apologize alot.
Forgive me.
3.5 miles.

I got hot quick on the run.
Walked the hill I call "The Wall."
Then, good strong finish.

We spent the rest of the day at a festival to benefit our local fire company.
It was great.
Fun activities for the kids. Good music. Happy people.

My last two blog titles were from B.o.B.'s "Airplanes" modified for triathlon training purposes.
That just kinda happened.


Anonymous said...

I could really use a wish right now, wish right now... I can only sing back up, til I work on this one, HA!

Poor Goodles had a rough morning: crushed twice, then gets the short end of a negotiation. I hate when my day starts off that way!

Good workout, tho. The morning thing... I gotta try that more often in earnest...

Lindsay said...

careful with those geese. my friend was bitten by one!

i think g and hb need to join in on one of these juneathon runs. maybe they can bike next to you.

Lindsay said...

ps. you called it.