Sunday, June 5, 2011

Juneathon Day 4 - Aging

I would have posted this yesterday, but I once again passed out on Goodles' bedroom floor to conclude the day.
Probably better.

Yesterday's Juneathon effort was a 21mile bike followed by a 2mile brick run.
Both went well.

I'll have to do a similar workout next Saturday.
A little longer on the bike.
A little faster on the run.

The best part of the bike ride was hitting the local state park early in the morning.
It always looks beautiful.

I had tried to get the kids out fishing at the park all week. Every day they had an excuse not to go.
So this was the closest that I got.

I felt good after the brick workout, but still a little tired.
That may be a consequence of my aging.

Because, twice yesterday I was reminded of my age.
Note: I'm still young, but though age is just a number, that number has some support.

Age Reminder #1
Honeybunny has a new bathing suit that is difficult to put on.
She had needed help the first few times.

Yesterday, as we prepare for the pool, she runs up, ready to go.

HB - "Dad, it took me 20 tries, but I put on my bathing suit all by myself"
Me - "That's great"
HB - "You're running out of jobs"

Maybe as kids get older, you do run out of jobs.
Or maybe those jobs become more complex and abstract.

Age Reminder #2
This courtesy of my lovely sister.
She pointed out a patch of grey that currently consumes 10 adjacent hairs.

Thanks, I don't look at my hair.

And what choice do you have?
Bald? Grey?

Neither matters to me.
But I'm sure if that patch of 10 grey hairs does exist, I've earned them.


Anonymous said...

You went to Marsh Creek! The canoeing there is great. Haven't been in years, tho... nice workout day for biking & running, good job, you!

Other than that, I am ignoring posts from 30-something people who's post title have the word "aging" in them. Talk to the hand :-)

ihaverun said...

You are younger than me so I don't feel too sorry for your aging predicament, although I am so not down with the aging myself. I actually thought a lot about how old I am on my last run. I just can't come to terms with the fact that my age starts with a 3 (and has for a LONG time). Mid-life crisis here I come.

I do however agree that you have probably earned those greys.