Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Juneathon Day 8 - Hot Tri

Is this a benevolent plant? Or a malicious weed?

It's got us stumped.
I say plant, but I'm no botanist.

I am however, a Juneathonist.

Here we go.

Got in a .7 mile swim this morning, not coincidentally the Liberty Island distance.
The water was just sliding right by today, making for a good pace.

After work, with the kids wrapped up in a playdate, I decided to enjoy a brick workout in this unbearable heat.

18 mile bike ride.
With a purpose.

Stopped at the 9mile turnaround in a shopping center.
Got alfalfa for our guinea pig at the pet shop.
Bought 2 little misting fans at the sporting goods store.

In both stores, I had to walk around in my socks because I was wearing bike cleats.
Normally I pack sneakers. Forgot.
Let me just say that I would rather not walk around a pet store in just socks.

Oh, so the misting fans.

Over in selfless Daddy land, they are gonna be used for our Kindergarten field trip tomorrow.
Outdoors for about 6 hours at a local farm.
Heat index up to 100 degrees.

Figure they'll provide some relief and entertainment for the kids.

And as we glance over at selfish Daddy land, I really bought them for the 20in24.
Because the race starts at 10AM, you're dealing with about 10 hours of sunlight on the first day and I am hoping that some misting will make the race more tolerable.

So, I need to determine:

  • Effectiveness
  • Water capacity - and how long it lasts
  • Battery life
They got positive reviews on Amazon, assuming the reviews are not fake...

OK. Back.

Biking the 9 miles back home was tough.
I wanted some mileage today. I did not want hills.
But, hills don't care. They just sit. Waiting for you.

So I roasted as I climbed a difficult hill or two, and nearly exhausted both of my water bottles.
2 water bottles on a bike is awesome by the way.

Got home. I was soaked with sweat and tired.
Great, time for a brick run.

I had planned 5 miles, but that didn't seem like a good idea considering the conditions.
Decided on 2.5 miles and took off.

With each ensuing brick workout, my legs are rebounding better from the bike.

Today's rebound bounced to the opposition.

About 1 mile into the run, I started feeling the effects of the heat and realized this was not the day to push it.

I walked the uphills and slowed my pace from 8:30min/mi to about 10min/mi.
Put my body in survive mode and headed home.

Back home, now the kids were off to go shopping.
But first HoneyBunny and I set a rabbit trap.

I'm gonna check it right now actually...nope. No rabbits yet.

And that's a wrap with a hot tri Juneathon day in the books.


Denise said...

funny about walking around in your socks, i never would have even thought to pack shoes.

i was wondering about that...the more bricks you do, does that help you get better at the transition?

Lindsay said...

i sure hope that's a plant. weeds that size should not exist.

technically you're buying them for the field trip. if they are still in working condition (and not lost) by 20in24 then you can conveniently reuse them :)

Anonymous said...

Weed, plant, one & the same. It's a healthy beaut, either way! Pics when it blooms & I'll ID it for you.

Field trip to a farm = big smile from me! My chicks arrive tomorrow. I'll post a pic for Honeybunny & Goodles to "Awww!" over.

Impressive workout today, in the heat, no less. I'll hope for half your stamina on Saturday, but cooler weather. Geez!

matthewreinsmith said...
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matthewreinsmith said...

Verbascum thapsus or Common Mullein - It's an Invasive species (weed) like the the garlic mustard plant. Interestingly enough that's not the biggest "weed" we have around here. There’s skunk weed, vines, etc. and of course my "Personal Favorite" (NOT!) is Ailanthus altissima which goes by many descriptive names like Ghetto Palm, Stink Tree, Weed Tree, and my favorite nickname "Pain in the Ass".

Now you are likely wondering how I know these things and that is an interesting story in and of itself.

Interestingly enough I like to keep my landscaping clean. However, I have to be careful because my wife will KILL ME if I kill something she wanted to keep. So after a few... mistakes? I've learned to prove to her that the plant in question is indeed a bad mother fu..(shut your mouth)