Sunday, June 5, 2011

Juneathon Day 5 - Loser

Did you know in Beck's hit song, Loser, at one point he plays the chorus backwards?

I used to just drive around with that song on repeat. Loved it.
Not that I am a loser or anything.

Juneathon Day 5 was quick.

Ran to my parent's house late this afternoon with my little brother on his bike. Took a shortcut.
Ran back home.

That's about 2 miles.

I had slept in this morning as a substitute for my usual Sunday long run.
This was a reduced mileage week ahead of two high mileage weeks ahead.

So when it comes to Juneathon, so far I'm a winner.
But in other situations that title does not apply.

This morning.

HoneyBunny sees one of my medals on the dining room table.
It's the 20in24 50-mile finisher medal.

I'm sure most runners have had a similar conversation with their kids.

HoneyBunny: "How'd you get this medal?"
Me: "Ran 50 miles."
HB: "Did you win?"
Me: "No."
HB: "What did the winner do?"
Me: "Ran like 146 miles."


HB: "So the losers get a medal?"
Me: "Yeah."


Me: "That's today's society. Everybody wants a medal."


Me: "Do you want me to win?"
HB: "Yes."
Me: "OK, I'll try to win."

My wife, silent to this point, looks up at us like "Fat Chance."

Fine. I know I'll never be the winner.
But I also know that with each passing year, I'm becoming a better loser.


Anonymous said...

This Juneathon thing, everyone posting left & right... it's teaching me how to leave shorter comments... like: "Nice post, Loser!"

OK, I can't type that with a straight face, cuz you know you are one of my favorite "losers." You're not my #1 favorite, but hey, I'll give you a medal anyway. HA!

Denise said...

what? you're not a loser!! and all the little one cares about is that you TRY to win! :-)

Lindsay said...

One day Hb will realize it's pretty cool to do things even when you know you won't win.

ihaverun said...

You are WINNING. Just ask Charlie Sheen.

I'm pretty sure my kids think I won when I bring home a medal. Wonder how long before they figure out the truth.