Thursday, June 30, 2011

Juneathon Day 30 - Liberty Sandwich with a Side of Juneathon

It's over.

Let's be honest.

Juneathon cannot compare with Janathon.
Sure, you might have a warm day here or there.
You might be tired.
Unwilling to sacrifice precious daylight for precocious blogging.
But, that's it.

No freezing temps.
Ice storms.
Snow storms.

That said, Juneathon was still a good test.
Logged 105 miles this month which is about half of what I should have done.
But that's because I had to focus on biking and swimming as well.

So to wrap up quickly.

Within the past week, I have now consumed a Liberty Sandwich.

Liberty Island swim.
My first visit to the Liberty Bell.
And today, another encounter with Lady Liberty.

What's up with that?
Um, not my fault.

Last week, I had a race in New York Harbor and another in Philly.
This week, we entertain out-of-state relatives with their anticipated visits to, oh, uh, New York Harbor and Philly.
Thank you, sweet Irony.

Today was my first sightseeing trip to NYC.
I fell in love.
Need to go back.
Need to run 26.2 miles there.
Need to get a real personal picture with this guy.

He was a little too busy today.

Meanwhile in Juneathon land, I ran twice.
1 mile at home to start the day.
Another mile at Liberty State Park (Jersey City, NJ) to retrieve our extra camera battery and memory card before the ferry departed.

Juneathon was fun.
I did not participate in the blogging as much as preferred.
Still, props to Erin and Hennie.
Committed Juneathoners, and great storytellers. A fun blog post every day. And inspiring runs in the face of adversity.

And while my carpal tunnel would advise me to never blog again, I have a few races throughout the summer, so I'll pop back up.

Thanks to all of the fellow Juneathoners for putting in the time and effort.
And thanks to You. For reading and some of you for persisting in a personal Commentathon.
You know it helps.

And finally.
The kids had a sleepover tonight, so no bedtime.
But had we a bedtime, here was the intended post-NYC lullaby.


ihaverun said...

I'm home from vacation so I get to comment again. And for the record, I did not get caught up on blogs or spend much time on Facebook. Have you been getting more sleep?

Tell your brother you aren't fat. Photo #1 is evidence.

Congrats on the swim. I haven't made it back to that post, but I'll get there. This is the first post-vacay post I've read.

Can't wait for your pic with the naked cowboy. There is no place like NYC. It is one of my absolute favorite places! I lived in Jersey about 20 mins from the city for a while, and I totally fell in love with New York. And the NYC marathon is at the top of my list of runs I want to do. I put in for the lottery last year (and obviously didn't get in), but decided not to this year. Maybe 2012?

And last but not least, great job on Juneathon. I don't know how you do it.

ihaverun said...

Oh - and don't be a stranger. Might have to finally get around to figuring out my other computer...

Lindsay said...

congrats on completing another 'thon. i guess i will 'see' you again in january :-p

Anonymous said...

You aren't claiming no responsibility for the crack in that bell, are you? Cuz I'm sure you had something to do with it. (I think I went to see the Liberty Bell on a childhood field trip... that & the Franklin Institute... or was it the Franklin Mint? I can't remember a thing.)

A grand hurrah to end Juneathon! Mission accomplished, good job! For the record, I think all would agree that any single day's post of yours counts as 6 posts from any other blogger (in length, effort & resulting quality), so I think you more than covered the blogging requirement. Bonus points for lullabies, in my opinion.

I think Naked Cowboy is a runner. I mean, just look at his thighs! Not that I was looking at his thighs or anything...

Unknown said...

LOVe, love, love the liberty picture...and you look so warm!! Some how, I just don't have those warm and cozy feelings of NYC like you do but hey, I didn't swim and frolic around the island like rock...just as much as the naked cowboy!!
On to JULYATHON and some new adventures...
That's kind of a sad song if you ask me...was that really your romance music? No Lady Ga Ga?