Friday, June 3, 2011

Juneathon Day 3 - For the Love of Juneathon

This is how rumors get started.

And, normally, this is how Juneathons get broken.

Nice start to the morning, with a strong swim.
Once again, multiple strokes: Freestyle, breast, back, and kickboard.
Backstroke was really pushing my heart/lungs. Alot of kicking to stay afloat.

Had a half-day at work with a sick kiddo at home.

Gorgeous day and I needed to complete it with a bike/run.
Shoulda done it early in the afternoon.

But, having driven a pollinated car for 2 straight days, I elected to wash all 3 cars as a priority over other tasks.
Good decision! It's nice to have cars that are not tinted yellow.

Dinner at the local pizza shop, then off for a bike ride.

8 mile hill workout.
4 miles downhill. Not much of a workout.

Return trip is 4 miles uphill.
Maintained just under 10MPH on the toughest climbs which is fantastic.
Only puked up dinner in my mouth once.

Home and I wanted to just brick the run but it was getting dark and I needed a few extra minutes to play with the kids and begin teaching them how to tie shoes.
That lesson was inspired by this sign at the pediatrician:

It's easy to follow developmental milestones when the kids are tiny.
But get to be 4 years and up, the milestones get too diverse for my memory.

Besides. Learning to tie shoes is hard.

Apart from the pediatric diagnosis we received during the visit, our trip to the doctor had one other benefit.

This was the first time we'd ever seen a dog on a motorcycle.
Average speed along that road is about 70MPH. Good luck pup.

I still didn't run yet.

That's where I found myself at 11:45PM.
Woke up on Goodles' bedroom floor, passed out on a pillow pet, unaware of time.

When I saw there were only 15 minutes left in the day, I scrambled.
Put on a tee-shirt, reflective vest, headlamp in a matter of a few moments, because I had all that stuff ready for me at the top of the staircase.

But, as I opened the door.
Just before squeezing in a quick Juneathon-satisfying run, I hesitated.

I was warned earlier in the evening that there would be a post-prom party of girls sleeping in tents in my backyard tonight.

I really did not want to be the creep out at midnight.

Sorry friends, Juneathon waits for no one!

Quick 1 mile loop around the neighborhood.
Short of the 4 miles I had planned, but I'll be waking up in a few hours for another workout anyway.

And did I sneak around the neighborhood unnoticed?
Of course not!

A car turned onto our street, passing me, not even 15 seconds into the run.

I'm glad that kids decided to seek a safe post-prom alternative.
Well. Relatively safe. They could have gone to the formal post-prom lock-in at the high school.
I am very SORRY that I was out like a creep running at midnight!


Anne said...

That is some determination! What a day!

Lindsay said...

haha. i'd think your neighbors are used to your "creep" factor by now... way to squeeze in your run! it's a success if i can make myself go run at 7pm - which i did today because i had to wait out a thunder/hail storm.

3 cars already... getting ready for G and HB driving lessons already huh? :) first shoes, then mastering a stick shift.

ihaverun said...

Once my head hit the pillow pet, I would have been a lost cause. Way to get it done!

And now I feel an urgent need to teach my girl how to tie her shoes...