Saturday, June 25, 2011

Juneathon Day 25 - For the Kids

The kids and I woke from our coma this morning with a busy little day ahead of us.
With a busy little day behind us.

Since we were out until nearly midnight, I carefully OK'd the plans with them, but when the plans involve the Philly Tri Kids Fun Run, all you get is an emphatic, "Yes!"

Off we went.

Hit the Philly Tri expo.
I don't do expos.

Signed the kids up for the Fun Run.
Made some cheerleader signs.

Did the packet pickup. Got my free t-shirt.

Then we had time to kill so we hit the Please Touch Museum.
I limited the kids to just a few exhibits. Difficult.
I promised we'd go back, briefly, after the run.

First there was a kids duathlon (children ages 7 and up) in progress as we walked over to the race course.
It cleared out and the young kids were lined up in age groups for their respective dashes.

I set up as cheerleader.

They both had a great race, collected their finisher medals, a soft pretzel and water.

We walked back over to the Please Touch Museum and played some more.
Then we were off quickly to fulfill the remainder of the day's family obligations.

No lullabies tonight. The kids are staying at my in-laws.
Which means they won't be at the race tomorrow.
Guess how I feel about that?

HoneyBunny and I just sang a little song to cheer her up as she said goodbye.

You can choreograph that song pretty well.
Pretend to drop your kid half a dozen times.
Always generates a smile.

But, you're not interested in today's lullaby.

And, you still probably don't care to hear about the Liberty Island Swim.
Like how we got into the water and what the starting line looked like.

You just want to hear about Juneathon Day 25.


This evening, I got my gear together for tomorrow's triathlon.
Properly inflated my bike tires and took it for a spin around the block.

Stowed the bike in our truck and then hit the road for a nice 1 mile run.
During that run, I told my legs how fast I need them to run tomorrow.
And asked them to hold it for 10K.

It should be fun to see how it works out.


Anonymous said...

The video of the swimmers, jumping in off that ship, waving at you from the water, smiling tho some look cold, the fans with the statue Lady in the bkg...

So so AWESOME :-) Um, pink caps are standard issue? Damn, I wish I knew how to swim!

And I LOVE your cheerleader sign! Your hand drawn stick figs are way better than your computer art :-)

Good luck tomorrow. You are unstoppable!

Lindsay said...

your kids have some cool lullabies.

you swam with a camera? talent. you are either very popular or you just make friends easily. and i certainly don't mind hearing about the unique event that is the liberty swim!