Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Juneathon Day 22 - Almost Wasn't

This post will be short and semi-sweet
Because I am tired and semi-asleep

Started the day with a swim.
Mostly freestyle.

Honestly, my primary reason for being at the pool was to talk with a girl at the gym who promised she'd bring in a 25% off Saucony coupon. My ProGrid Ride 3's are starting to hurt my feet.
Good, we swam next to each other and the coupon was received. It is actually 15% off but I'll see how far it will go for me.

We were the only two swimmers in the pool. Normally there are 6.
Turns out there were thunderstorms last night during my 4 intense hours of sleep.

Everyone figured the pool would be closed due to lightning.
It is an indoor pool, but that's an electrocution precaution.

Like my mom didn't let us take baths/showers during thunderstorms. That's normal, right?
I don't think I enforce that rule with my kids.

After work, I was expecting to change the oil in my car, then hit a casual bike and a short run.
Oh, but instead we went to a local carnival (we were supposed to go tomorrow).

Backup. Before the carnival, I took the kids to a local restaurant to fulfill today's promotion:
Bring your kid dressed up to satisfy their "Under the Sea" theme and they get a free meal.

Honeybunny was Ariel of The Little Mermaid.
Goodles does not have an "Under the Sea" costume. He was gonna wear HoneyBunny's standby Ariel dress.
But then he said people would think he is weird.
Where did that come from? We care what other people think?

After a little bit of moping, we had a resolution.
His Finding Nemo costume. From when he was about 2 years old.
He squeezed in and we rolled up to dinner. I've never seen him happier.

So how did the carnival affect my Juneathon?
Well, we were out the door 20 minutes after I got home and we stayed at the carnival until 10PM.

That left only 2 hours to find some Juneathoning.
But my wife also had to babysit, predicting until 11:30PM.
I almost just went to bed and called Juneathon quits. Believe that?

My wife popped in the door just as I finished bedtime stories.

I got to run out for yet another quick Mile. Juneathon Day 22. Done.

Here's your lullabies of the day.

Ben Folds - You Don't Know Me

HoneyBunny started singing along to this song at age 3. She quickly decided we would make it a duet.
She still gets mad when I sing the Regina Spektor parts by accident.
And yes, I do obfuscate the F-bomb every single time we listen to it.
Lovely song. Weird, weird video.

Oasis - Champagne Supernova

One of my favorite memories is walking in the door from work one afternoon a few years ago.
Unprompted, HoneyBunny is just in the middle of the chorus. I was so proud.
There's a better version of the video on YouTube but they don't allow embedding.

So Juneathon almost wasn't, but it was.
With 2 races this weekend, I'm taking it easy again tomorrow.
And getting a good night's rest tonight.


ihaverun said...

You had me at Saucony. I have been wearing ProGrid Rides since I started running.

I don't believe you would have called it quits. Not for a second. You probably would have run laps around your house or something to get in a mile for the day.

Lindsay said...

Too funny about Goodles costume dilemma. We had the same rule about showers/baths in t-storms so now I have a complex. It is really unfortunate on those rare mornings when it's storming and I have to wait to shower before I can go to work...