Saturday, June 18, 2011

Juneathon Day 18 - Magic

Today was magical.

Maybe because we went to a birthday party with a magician.
Maybe because I'm eating Pop Rocks.

I definitely felt magic when the kids let me squeeze in my brick run.

30 mile bike ride to start the day.

I love this part of the ride when I'm on top of the world, looking out at fog covering the treetops.

Early arrival at Marsh Creek State Park. There were half a dozen cars lined up to get in.
A few people out taking pictures.
Two kids in fold-out chairs just chillin.

Beautiful morning.

I checked up on the world's worst orchard.
Things have turned around for them. Straightened out.

I guess they read my blog.
Nice work guys.

Back home and I heard footsteps and little voices beyond the door.

Good morning kids.
I'm gonna go run 5 miles.
"OK Dad!"

"And Dad, we're eating 2 Popsicles for breakfast and then we'll stop."

I did not intervene.

Fabulous 5 miles under the bright sun.

THAT is a brick workout. Finally.

Tomorrow morning is a Long run.
Going to bed now.


Anonymous said...

Loved the first 2 pics. I can still see those local foggy fields with my eyes closed (ingrained from years of riding school bus). Thanks for that :-)

Excellent workout, goes without sayin'. Happy Dad's Day, btw. Popsicles for everyone!

ihaverun said...

I'm glad my girls don't read your blog or we'd be having posicles for breakfast tomorrow. Maybe we will anyway.

Nice brick. And even better view. As much as I love Millie, sometimes I miss seeing things like that.