Sunday, June 19, 2011

Juneathon Day 19 - Father's Day Disjointed Marathon

Tee shirts pending
This was originally gonna be the Juneathon Father's Day 50K.
Just because it rhymes.

Scheduled to wake up at 1:30AM, hit the road by 2AM, home by 9AM, breakfast with the fam at 9:30AM.

Strike 1: Wake up and have the following thoughts:

  • Damn I am tired
  • How the hell did I wake up this early before?
  • Running at 2AM along major roads might be dangerous. Bars let out at 2AM. Drunk drivers and such.
Granted I should not have been tired.
You plan these things, right?

I had even envisioned a nap the day before.
My reward if I managed to fix our leaking shower faucet.

Goodles and I had set to work.
Bought new O-rings.

Goodles removed the handle and plate revealing the elusive cartridge (and mildew).

Next we removed the clip at the top, reattached the handle and pulled out the cartridge.
We discovered some warped and/or worn O-rings.

Goodles used a wrench for no particular reason.

Then we cleaned the cartridge with a wire brush, put on the new O-rings, reinstalled the cartridge, fired it up and we were golden.
Except Hot was Cold and Cold was Hot. Upside down.
Rinse, repeat, job done.

Then I forgot to take my nap.

So back in bed with thoughts of dread.
I bumped my alarm clock to 2:30AM and drifted off.

2:30AM, I still didn't feel like waking up, but I lathered up with sunblock, drank an Ensure, reflectified, then pushed myself out the door at 3:15AM.
Handheld bottle and CamelBak full of Powerade Zero. Grape.

Perfect night to run. Waning full moon. Breezy and cool.

13.5 mile out and back, including a stop at the Wawa convenience store for a handheld bottle refill with Propel, and I walked into the house at 6AM.

Potty break, another Ensure, handheld refill, sunglasses, and lost the CamelBak.
Out this time for a 7.7 mile loop (actually 7.8).
21.2 total miles.

Home just after 8AM.
Cleaned up. Sticked my legs. Drank 64oz of electrolytic fluids. Woke up the family.
Arrived at our annual Father's Day breakfast with the in-laws and siblings at exactly 9:30AM.

I housed about 2 full breakfasts, leaving the waitress in disbelief.
I also had the crazy idea to treat everyone to breakfast.
Not bad. Tip was $21.

Home where we did a few things.
Practiced making HoneyBunny's birthday cake. She has a pretty elaborate request.
I went upstairs to put away some laundry.
Drifted in and out of consciousness for 90 minutes. Tired.

Went swimming with the kids after lunch (cake).

Home. Running gear.
Easy 5 mile loop.
26.2 disjointed miles.

Nice way to enjoy Father's Day.

Father's Day ended with an impromptu water gun battle.
Sneak attack on Mom as she had the kids helpless and cornered.

And now off to bed, sleeping downstairs with the kids.
"Camping out."

Bad for my recovering legs. Good for the kiddos. 
That's what this is all about.


Denise said...

what? i swear i shake my head when i read your posts. wake up at before 2am to go run??? you're nuts!!! but a good nuts, of course.

Lindsay said...

you cram a lot in. i never have this much energy. maybe it was all that healthy food you ate. maybe these ensure's have a special ingredient?

and juneathon father's day 1k rhymes too...

ihaverun said...

Runner of the Year. Father of the Year. Brother/Son-in-Law of the Year. You make us all look bad.

Looking forward to the cake.

And that IS what it's all about.