Thursday, June 16, 2011

Juneathon Day 16 - Getting My Bearings

Juenathon has seen its first victim.

Relax, it's not me.
Hell, this weather isn't even in keeping with the Juneathon prophecy. It's been gorgeous all week.

Who wouldn't want to run in gorgeous weather?
Who wouldn't want to maintain Juneathon compliance by running a measly mile each day?


The victim:
Rep. Anthony Weiner

Dude succumbed to The Curse of Juneathon.
Let's hope therapy delivers him a renewed happy marriage and prospects for fantastic fatherhood.
Let's hope they recommend he take up running. Take up Juneathoning.

And he should probably downgrade to an old school, no built-in camera, cell phone.

It's a good thing he resigned, too.
Because I was gonna have to do a post in a few days containing all of the leaked photos.
That wouldn't be fair to you.

I'm also supposed to share lullabies, but I was falling asleep while tucking the kids into bed tonight, and I can't remember what we sang.
Wait. Here's one.

Juneathon was pressed to the backburner today.
Slept in this morning.

This afternoon, my wife had a meeting so I would have to wait until she returned home. Late.

Took the opportunity to get my bearings.

Because I have to replace the front wheel bearings in my car annually.
I know it's time when my car hums (loudly) in direct proportion with acceleration.

This has been happening ever since the fateful snowy day a few years ago where:

  • I slid into a curb
  • Minutes later got hit by a car
Oh well. For $100/year, I think it is an acceptable expense.

Big plus+ this year. Goodles got to harness his inner mechanic.
The kid loves fixing things.

Today's lesson included using an impact wrench to remove the lugnuts (he likes to hold the trigger on the wrench well beyond when the lugnut is removed

And a ratchet to remove caliper pins.

And he helped me pull off the stubborn wheel bearing hub

The job went well and now my car rides like new.
Until this happens again next year.

So after putting the kids to bed, Juneathon kicked into high gear.
It came in the form of Lateathon.

1.5 miles in the dark, with headlamp, in a light mist, shortly after a steady downpour.
I could have run all night.


Unknown said...

Ay, Chihuahua. It's going to be tough keeping up with your DAILY blog!!! What has inspired such dedication??? Could it be the Statue of Liberty??

I'm impressed with your mechanical abilities and your bearing hub replacement. Very was your lullaby. Nice.

Keep up the juneathoning...I'll check on your tomorrow.

ihaverun said...

I always love your labels.

"And he should probably downgrade to an old school, no built-in camera, cell phone." Hilarious. And true. Maybe I should too, for the sake of my blog readers.

Anonymous said...

Goodles has an automated trigger-op tool for lug nuts? Damn! I'm still using a crossbar. Kids these days ;-)

matthewreinsmith said...

I'm Late again! New Half-Shafts would fix that problem (they're probably about to go anyway with the constant heat from the bearings). Glad to help, done enough half shafts to make sever WHOLE shafts!