Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Post Office

I like the USPS, the US Postal Service.

There's still value in sending snail mail. A letter. Real, touch and feel photographs.

But, they have a losing business model, some kind of ridiculous pension overhead, and the need to consolidate and become more efficient.

I was reminded of this stuff in the NY Times today.
I didn't get into the NYC Marathon, BTW. I'll just have to do my own version!

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Back - So what to do to help the Post Office.

Not sure if this was my original idea or not, but I'll pretend it is.

I would 100% most certainly use a USPS email address.
I mean, secure email. No SPAM. Guaranteed delivery.
Good stuff like that.

And I'd pay good for it, too.
Let's say $200/year for

Because, really.
Who wants one of these crummy free addresses that get hacked all the time and SPAMMED to no end?
I don't. I'm tired of it.
And that's how the USPS and I can help each other.

To my knowledge, that service is not available.

Which is why I loved seeing this annual conference in my travels today:

Check it out. Discussing ways technology can save USPS.

Did you know the USPS made commericals touting the security of snail mail versus email?
Damnit, they should have been setting up secure email addresses!

This topic was totally random but:
a) I just renewed this domain name for another year. I need to blog a little more to justify that $10 expense.
b) See a)

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

I mail back credit card offers filled with junk mail in hopes that it helps the USPS a little. Yes, I am oh so tempted to fill out all the applications so that I can have 300 credit cards.

Could they really guarantee hack and spam free? I mean doesn't the gov IT get hacked sometimes?

I do support the USPS though and hope they can restructure policies without laying off too many -current- employees. Pension... Don't totally agree with that as it makes most people feel they don't need to save for their own retirement...