Friday, March 23, 2012

Bike Ride

Oh, I still have this blog.

Lindsay and Marni are the winners of the ZipFizz giveaway.
Lindsay, I probably need your address.
Or I'll just Google it ;-)

If ZipFizz is still shipping giveaway stuff, then consider it on its way.

But since I can still blog for free, I wanted to at least remind myself that I have an idea for a 625-ish mile bike ride this summer.
A few logistics to work out first.

Google Maps has the cool little Bike-mode option.
But it is a little too protective of you the rider. Which results in a ton of little turns.
The route includes 400 "cues." Unmanageable.

Anyway, since I've received a initial response of "no way" from those that love me, I have a little more planning to do.
And then, hopefully I can share the destination and how I figure out the route.


henniemavis said...

Was wondering what happened to you. Glad you're still full of big ideas. Go for it!

By any chance, will your 600+ mi. route send you in my direction? If so, FREE overnite accommodations & power breakfast on the house (all-you-can-eat eggs, of course)... just sayin'

Lindsay said...

625-mile bike ride?!? you're nuts.