Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Audacity of iHop

A few weeks ago, we ate dinner at a newly opened Texas Roadhouse restaurant.
I think their focus is being a steak house.
But, they also give you unlimited peanuts. In the shell.
You are encouraged to, from the moment you enter the door, crack open peanuts, consume the nut and discard the shell. Right on the floor.
"Somebody" will clean it up! So cute!

Then you sit at your table with more unlimited peanuts in a little bucket.
You can discard the shells into a twin bucket (initially empty) or throw the shells on the floor.

While you wait for your appetizer, your main course, your dessert, and also while you are eating, the server brings you unlimited rolls.
And to-die-for cinnamon butter.

During our visit, I warned the server that I would be unable to stop eating the rolls.
I would not eat my dinner.

I ate 16 rolls. This was no joke.
I ate half my huge hamburger.
This was all reasonably priced.

Later after returning home, I left my doggy-bagged hamburger on the kitchen counter, rather than putting it in the fridge as planned.
The next morning, I threw it away. Afraid of some non-refrigerated meat disease.

Last night, we attended a fundraiser.

We played bingo.
We ate pizza.
We ate home-baked good upon home-baked good.

The kids left with a bunch of dollar store inflatable toy prizes.
I left with the disgusted feeling of overeating.

The fundraiser was to fight hunger.

Today I took the kids to the local YMCA Health Kids Day.
They have fun activities for the kids.
They have a bunch of vendors/organizations set up tables and hand out schwag and coloring books.

I had my most productive vendor/organization table conversation ever, with a pair of hunger awareness tables.

One was for the local foodbank.
Learned I can take our excess garden yield to the foodbank. Rather than taking it to work.

The other was an organization that helps feed the hungry.
1 in 8 families in our county do not have enough food.

Did I mention that the wait at Texas Roadhouse was over an hour?
And that there were ZERO parking spots available? Including spots at the adjacent Cracker Barrel?

1 in 8 families are struggling with hunger.
13,000 kids in our county get free breakfast and lunch at school each week.
They do not have enough food to eat properly over the weekend.
The local organizations only have enough resources to supply 900 kids with weekend food packages.

And that's the audacity.*

Everywhere I go.
Diet here!
Lose weight here!

I signed up to volunteer with the foodbank/hunger organizations.
Because honest.
This invisible hunger problem. And I know the numbers. It doesn't make sense.

*I have never been to an iHop


ihaverun said...
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ihaverun said...

Yes, I deleted my comment because I misspelled one word. You probably got an emailed copy though, so you know I love Texas Roadhouse. And I think you rock.

Unknown said...

Okay,I got your info very well and I really rocked with Texas Roadhouse.Now you rock!!!

Have fun....

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