Saturday, March 9, 2013

Exclamate No More

We're in a good spot because as purveyors of the English language we are welcome to invent new words.
So if exclamate was not a word, it is now.

Exclamate means to use an exclamation point.

And we're well beyond the exclamation point's useful existence.
It perpetuates artificial happiness and excitement.

I now apologize for exclamating.
The reality is that you cannot be happy and excited about everything.

"See you then!"

Fine, maybe you are really happy and excited about everything.
In which case "See you then" will suffice because your happiness/excitement is implied by your very nature.

One other note.
Not that it implies to stuff I write.
But, if you write sentences like this. Where you continue in the form of a paragraph. You do not need to hit the spacebar twice after a period anymore. Apparently that was something from the typewriter days and now the world is good with fonts and you can save the space.

So do please save those exclamation points.
Unless you're being sarcastic.

*I need to start blogging again here and there because my domain renewal is coming up soon, so I have to justify that $10/year.


Anonymous said...

Seeing you pop up on my reader makes me smile :)


matthewreinsmith said...

I think we should try to invent a new punctuation mark of some kind.

Something that could convey a differnt level excitement. Just so you could differentiate.

Ya know, something along the lines of new speak's "Double Good", etc.

What do you think?