Thursday, May 19, 2011


The last two years, the month of May has not treated my training well.

May 2009, I was dealing with pneumonia.
Lack of intelligence had me racing while pneumonicized.
Then I continued training while recovering.
All of which knocked me on my butt.

Bad idea.

Certainly stressed the value of healthy lungs when I couldn't take full breaths in the pool.
Completed a half ironman at the end of that month (dared the Bear), but it was tough.

Last year, I was in the hospital for a blood clot in my brain.
Once again I was reset to ZERO. Like the worst time of year for that.
I recovered but barely skated by the summer's races.

This year is different!
I'm gonna make it through May in pretty good shape.
That is uncharted territory!

I failed to accomplish any of my offseason goals but still find myself getting in the workouts and most importantly, my fitness is heavily favoring Running.

There's less than 2 months until the 20in24.
That means I'll be maxing out my running mileage over the next 6 weeks.

Next up is a 40-mile training run during Memorial Day weekend.
Not point-to-point this time.

Planning to run an out-and-back from my house for the first 15 miles.
Then run down to our local trail (5 miles) with the remaining 20 miles found during 4 out-and-backs on the trail. Budgeting 7 or 8 hours for that.

Only problem is I wanna do that run in the early morning, but it's following a late night...
I've justified it with the whole "well you're gonna be tired during the 20in24 anyway!"

Besides, I gotta fit it in.

The 100mi in 24hr goal has been staring at me for a few years now.
This year, I'm hoping to make it blink.

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Anne said...

Yay for a healthy May!

Good luck on that training run...if you avoid alcohol on your late night, I'm sure you'll be fine. Cause you're hardcore like that :)