Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Death Day

Your mother gave you a birthday.
Fine organizations like Rita's Water Ice gave you a half birthday.

But you've probably been wandering around without a Death Day.
Well, wander no more.

What is a Death Day?
It's just a fun day each year where you figure you're most likely to die.
Mind you, it is just a Day. It is NOT a fixed Date.

Keeps things interesting.
Survive it? That's just another reason to celebrate life!

My Death Day is May 11th.
In fact, I was supposed to write about it on the Day, but Blogger gave us the smack down.
Which is worth noting, too. If Blogger appears exploded, despite their guarantees of ridiculous uptime, it's best just to walk away for a day.
They provide 2 good resources for status updates if you think it's broken and you are scared:

But back to the topic.

How to choose your Death Day?
Find a significant date. Maybe a day you almost died. 
Maybe a day that seems dangerous like June 6th or for you tetraphobes, April 4th.

So far, this sounds a bit more morbid than intended.

Here's how mine came to be.

Innocent young kid. Maybe 9 years old.
Riding the bus home every day.

One bus stop was near a Historical Marker sign.

One day I realize that this Historically relevant guy has the same birthday as me (well, 150 odd years prior).
Wow! That's great!

And that little factoid was all I gained from the sign.

Until one day..."Hmmm, I see that Dude died on May 11th."

"Um" (actually we didn't say Um in 4th grade. We said "Ert")
"Ert, that's probably the day I'll die, too."

And that's how Death Day came to be.

Throw in a few bad days on May 11th over the past 20 years.
Works for me.

So that's the one day a year that I should probably just stay inside.

In fact, it's such a powerful premise, the bad luck can extend up to 7 calendar days in either direction.
I've had some rough May's. But, more on that tomorrow.

Today though is May 18th.
7 days post-Death Day.

I think it's safe.
At least. It feels safe.


Anne said...

Glad you survived Death Day once again :)

Lindsay said...

hahaha. random fact from childhood... love those. glad you are still around!

Anonymous said...

We are all dying tomorrow. Didn't you hear?

I just wish they had given me more notice, I would have taken off work!