Wednesday, April 27, 2011



This is nice.

Pretty little background.
My kids love blowing dandelions. Our neighborhood loves growing them.

This shiny new blog is an attempt to describe pursuit of my active athletic goals which HOPEFULLY get wrapped up this year!

All that stands in my way is LIFE.

Here's a quick example and then it's time for bed.

Played tee ball with the kids for about 45 minutes tonight.
The intent was to introduce LIVE PITCHING because that's what the "other team" was pushing in our last game.
The kids on my team, my kids included, are not ready for live pitching.
They need to hit off the tee. Eye on ball. Level swing. Drop the bat. Run to first.

But fine. In the next game or so, we'll try it out.
That's where we take advantage of having my own kids on the team. So they get the trial run.

We wrap up practice and the kids run inside, giving me the pleasure of cleaning up all of the equipment.

When I get inside, I'm gonna change into my running gear and prepare for the following evening:
  • Drive to the local Best Buy. Park my car. Run ~7 miles back home.
  • Go to bed.
  • Wake at 2AM. Run back to Best Buy and drive back home.
That's all to prep for a big early morning run next week.

Except my daughter Honeybunny smashed her eye on the kitchen table 15 seconds after the kids went inside.
She's at the ER for an x-ray and CT Scan.

She'll be fine. I'm sure.

And that's how life influences the training schedule and pursuit of your goals.
Without sufficient training, short of luck, you won't reach your goals.
And try as you might to accomodate life, this world is just too unpredictable.

To conclude this example.
Now we're off to bed much later than expected.
And while I'll wake at 2AM and go run, it won't simulate the run I needed.

Should be fun to see how this all works out.


Lorraine said...

First follower!
I hope Honeybunny will be ok.

Denise said...

wake up at 2am. what? i was complaining about my 4:45 wake up call today. no idea how you do it.

pretty green background!

Anonymous said...

Geez, I went to FL for a week & when I get back, you've left one blog & started another? Hope you weren't trying to dodge me ;-)

I read that HB was A-OK. It's always nice when little girls turn out to be indestructible. I was an indestructible little girl once. Hooray for that!