Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I'm pretty sure my 2011 racing year is over.

This upcoming weekend has 3 races.
A 2-miler, 5K and 5-miler.
I signed up for all 3 last year.
I signed up for none this year.

I've done two 5K's in the past month.
Both finished about 21:30.
Which I'm happy with.

Signed up for the 20in24 again last week.
8 months away.
Again, focused on 100 miles in 24 hours.

Not sure why I keep putting myself through that.
"That" exhausting training.
It's fun I guess.
And I keep learning.

I was -this- close last year.
A few small changes are due.

Longer long runs. Need to approach 50 miles in a training run or two.
Heat acclimation. Need to overdress for my training runs.
Blood pressure. Need to make the lifestyle changes to reduce my blood pressure so I'm not stopping for medical checks.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

One good thing about this fall is weight training.
I've been lifting upperbody for almost 3 months now.
I feel stronger and along with some core strengthening I've accepted the need to work total body.

And so I've quit at the tail end of the racing season.
That will bring a splash of regret.
I could stand to improve my 2-miler PR :-)

Maybe next year.


Lindsay said...

That's ok I've essentially quit since June or something ridiculous :) at least you've been strength training!!

ihaverun said...

I read today's post before I read this, so it doesn't have quite the same effect as it would have otherwise.

Good luck on that 2-miler PR. That sounds about my speed right now. Not sure how this weekend's 13.1 is going to treat me.

And way to go on the strength training. I started the 30-day Shred. It lasted two days before I got sick.

henniemavis said...

I hadn't told you this yet, but I'm joining a gym this month... with a pool... so I can learn to swim (GULP!). I'm practicing saying that for now anyway, to beat down my fear. If I ever wanna do a tri myself (not as a relay), I am going to have to learn how to swim (GULP!).

So, yeah, change is good... even if it means your running's had a rest lately but you're lifting instead. And tweaking upcoming plans for goals. Think of yourself as more diversely fit :-)

I swear, I might see if I can't do the 20-in-24 Midnight Madness Run this year? Sounds like fun. I have a high school friend who's game, too. And I'm in training for my first half this year, so 8+ mi. will be a good training run. Maybe you'll pass me on one of your laps?