Friday, October 14, 2011

I Invented Swag

No I didn't.
Jay-Z claims he did.

I love that song.
Otis from Watch the Throne.

I love it. But it is eating me alive.
I NEED to listen to it once per day.
Eventually that urge will wane.


I didn't invent swag.

But I did invent this version of Soccer Freeze Tag.

Our 6 year old team had so much fun with that game yesterday.
We may have even learned a little bit of soccer while playing it.

I had to introduce tag (there was another tag game to start practice) because kids were playing tag when we were supposed to be doing the KICKOFF in last weekend's game.

And right now, tag is my kids' favorite outdoor game.
We play it all the time.
Almost every day.

I sustained my first tag related injury on Monday.

Had the day off work.
Took the kids to the park.

Among other activities: Bikes, Golf, Soccer, Scooter.
We played tag at the playground for about 20 minutes.

I was overdoing it for entertainment value.
Swinging over their heads.
Climbing on top of the monkey bars.
Going a little too fast.

It was very fun.

Until the gym 2 days later.

My arms hurt.
My abs hurt.
I couldn't even do my crunches (3 sets of 40 on a decline bench).

I love how we can be in good shape but still have so many neglected muscle groups.
Working on my Tag Fitness.

I'm glad we all enjoy a simple game like tag right now.

As the kids get older, I am less of a pillar of entertainment.
There are many other diversions.

Friends. (See Play Date)
Video Games.

The kids no longer need Mom and Dad to fill in the blanks.
They need us to help keep the filling balanced.

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